1. «Design and development of high accuracy laboratory microphones.», Suggested by: S.M. Potirakis
2. “Design and development of a high accuracy – high thermal, time insensitivity laboratory microphone calibrator, using a ceramic piezoelectric transducer.”, Suggested by: S.M. Potirakis
3. "Design and development of a wireless vibration sensor ", Suggested by: S.M. Potirakis, P. Papageorgas
4. "Pre-seismic disturbances of the Earth electromagnetic field study using signal analysis methods ", Suggested by: S.M. Potirakis, M. Rangoussi


1. “Analog and digital active loudspeaker crossover control unit ”, Supervisors: Ε. Kyriakis-Bitzaros, S.M. Potirakis, (Student: George Marangakis)
2. “Study/development of a loudspeaker and listening room coverage with the specific loudspeaker”, Supervisor: S.M. Potirakis, (Student: Manos Psarris)
3. “Design of an acoustics/electroacoustics measurements toolkit using LabView and a plain PC audio card”, Supervisor: S.M. Potirakis, (Student: Nicolas  Sapranidis)
4.” Design and development of a closed box, two way, low cost loudspeaker”, Supervisor: S.M. Potirakis (Student: Kostas Dimou)
5.  "Sound coverage study of the Metro station “Cholargos” ". Supervisor: S.M. Potirakis, (Student: Dimitris Mavroeidis)
6.  "Design and development of a two-way, medium size, high fidelity loudspeaker ". Supervisor: S.M. Potirakis, (Student: Dimitris Tsiamis)
7.  "Design and development of a Fuzzy Logic equalizer ". Supervisors: S.M. Potirakis, N.-A. Tatlas (Students: George Ziogas, Dimitris Kouloukouras, Stamatis Kavalaris)
8. "Design and development of a digital amplifier ", Supervisors: S.M. Potirakis, N.-A. Tatlas, (Student: Dimitris Konstantopoulos)



1. “Digital active noise control system: design and comparative algorithm study”, Supervisors: M. Rangoussi, S.M. Potirakis, (Student: Stratos Petrou) (06/2007)
2. “Development of an active noise control (ANC) digital electronic system”, Supervisors: M. Rangoussi, S.M. Potirakis, (Student: Nicolas Zafeiropoulos) (05/2008)
3. “Active loudspeaker crossover development using digital filters”, Supervisors: Ε. Kyriakis-Bitzaros, S.M. Potirakis, (Student: Savvas Dimopoulos) (02/2009)
4. "Active loudspeaker crossover development using programmable analog arrays”, Supervisors: Ε. Kyriakis-Bitzaros, S.M. Potirakis, (Student: Ioanna Deli) (02/2009)